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SHUTTERBOXXPLUS is designed for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to enhance their photography and composition skills as well as learn about image editing. The course aims to make the aspirant photographer competent to face challenges in the professional world - from the skills of photography to handling newest technology and managing people. We teach to take candid and still life photographs demonstrating skill in using camera angle, point of interest, rule of thirds, focus, and editing approach. And most important, it gives a personal interface with the industry, which is much needed to get the initial break in the industry. With training in fashion, interior, product, pictorial photography as well we offer Two outdoor shoots and various workshops by professional photographers.


  1. Understanding creative tools of camera & lenses
  2. Understanding the outdoor lighting
  3. Creative use of depth of field
  4. Understanding indoor studio lighting
  5. Portrait shoots in studio with various lighting technique
  6. Studio shoots for fashion and modeling photography
  7. Outdoor shoot for photo-journalism
  8. Outdoor shoot for fashion B modeling portfolio
  9. Fine Art Photography
  10. Black and White photography
  11. Portfolio making and final finishing of images
  12. Professional subject tips for specialization work
    • - Landscape/Nature/Micro
    • - Product/Table top/Still life
    • - Fashion/Modeling
    • - Photo Journalism/Event/Wedding
    • - Portrait Photography
  13. Photoshop and Advanced post processing in all assignment of course
  14. Printing of all selected for exhibition images Preparing students B giving them practical platform to display their talents by organizing the "FRAMEBOXX" Exhibition

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