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I came here three years back, when I din’t know what to pursue in life. Everything was neutral and I knew nothing as this was a totally new field for me. As the time grew older the bond grew stronger with college mates and even with the teachers. The whole perspective about the Animation & VFX industry just changed. There were fights, new friendships, new faculties too but all of the above was their team work.

Coming to Frameboxx was a new milestone in life, and we were polished emotionally , mentally, physically and skillfully !

Thanks to all the teachers, faculties and everyone.

May be we end up in a big place one day, but we will be connected through a root always, i.e., FRAMEBOXX !!

Aishwarya Sharma

Frameboxx is the best institute. This is the place where I have started my new journey to face and find out new ways to solve my problems.

Frameboxx’s faculties are excellent.

Ashish Chouhan

The institute where I learnt the teamwork. Got the company of awesome friends and more than awesome Teachers. FRAMEBOXX is really the other name of creativity. It gave the growth to ARTIST.

Lots of love to frameboxx and lots of respect to its faculties….

Hitesh Jhamnani

This is the place where I have started my way to find out how to solve any problem without making it so harder to me. Frameboxx is the place where I learn many things.When I joined frameboxx I didn’t know many things about the reality of the movies. Frameboxx teaches me what is the reality behind the scene which are seeing in the movies.

I thank frameboxx and my teachers for giving me all the knowledge.

Rohit Verma

Frameboxx is like the second home for me. I learnt so many things about the industries of movies and also about VFX, 3D world of computers, Graphics and about my passion Gaming Industry, and really miss the Lab, and specially the nights. The fight for the system booking, and the satisfaction in the person.

I enjoyed every events and function like Animation Day, Retro Day and Teachers day.

At Last I have so many memories and the whole experience was very nice.

Sumit Borasi

When I had joined FRAMEBOXX I was a kid and a little learner. But now I am an expert and an ARTIST. I have learnt a lot by FRAMEBOXX. Now I belongs to an ARTIST CATEGORY.


Utkarsh Chansuliya

Hello Fremeboxx,
I am Vidushi Jain, When I joined Frameboxx Institute, I learned so much. Faculties are best. Vivek Sir thankyou so much, so many things I learned from you.

Thanks to all the faculties of Frameboxx. I remember a lot of memories of Frameboxx Indore.

Thanks to Frameboxx Indore
Vidushi Jain